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Soap of the Month Club!

Join our Soap of the Month Club and receive 2 new bars of soap each month for a full year!  

Looking for a special gift for someone?  Wanting to try out new products for yourself?  Think about our Soap of the Month Club.

This membership entitles you to a 2 bars a month* with no shipping fees!  The bars in the first month are gift wrapped in a welcome package.

Examples of soap you may find in your membership package:
  • New soap bars, recipes, and fragrances before they are available for retail sale.
  • Bars from the Botanical line in development (Eucalyptus and Thyme, Honey Oatmeal, Calendula, etc.)
  • Seasonal products
  • Lotion Bar (not technically soap but still fabulous!)
Choose your way to pay:
  • Monthly (auto-billed at $15 a month)
  • or Annually (once-off payment of $120) 
* Bars will be shipped out in the first two weeks of each month.
* Shipping fees are included in the membership fee.
*Monthly shipment may include items of equal value to 2 bars of soap (candle, lotion bar, bath salts, etc.)


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