Handmade soap with Natural Ingredients

Natural Shea Butter is extracted from a nut found inside the fruit of the African Karite tree. The trees are not farmed and cultivated but instead grow wild and may live for hundreds of years in regions of Western and Central Africa. However it does take approximately 30 years or more before a Karite tree will bare fruit. Therefore the tree is protected from destruction because it is a valuable food source, it supplies medicinal properties and is particularly beneficial as a skin and hair emollient. The tree provides a source of income for primarily African women who are employed in the laborious production of shea butter.

The benefits of shea butter seem nearly endless as it naturally includes vitamins A, E and F. Each of these important nutrients work wonders at soothing, moisturizing and balancing the hydration of the skin. The fatty acid properties of shea butter also cause it to be easily absorbed, bringing about healing and softening of rough, dry and chapped skin. It is known that because of its natural moisturizing advantage, shea butter may help to reduce premature aging and help fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The emollient, skin softening ability of shea butter has even been credited to relieving the itch and inflammation of dermatitis rashes and recently has been found to help those bothersome skin conditions, psoriasis and eczema.

Made by Elizabeth, Handmade Natural Soaps are crafted from exceptionally fine ingredients, and then poured into rare French molds. Shea Butter is a key ingredient in one of the available types. The shea butter soaps gently cleanse and create rich, luxuriant lather that leaves the skin silky soft and moisturized. There are twelve wonderful fragrances and colors to choose from. The beauty aid and body benefit of these soaps make them a useful, thoughtful, pretty and affordable gift for giving away to your friends and loved ones, while at the same time treating yourself to a bit of Read more

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Benefits of Using Natural Handmade Soaps with Shea Butter

One of the benefits of using natural handmade soaps with shea butter to wash your entire body is that your skin will completely absorb the moisture from the shea butter. After you use soap with shea butter, your skin will be rejuvenated. Most synthetic soap products contain ingredients that will rinse off your skin. This means that if you use these products every day, you are not properly moisturizing your skin. Your skin should to be moisturized on a daily basis. When you lather with soap that is made from shea butter, your will instantly feel softer. After you step out of the shower, your skin will feel like silk.

Dry skin that is exposed to the wind and sun should be cleansed with natural handmade soaps with shea butter. Shea butter will soothe your skin and make it very soft. Your skin will not show signs of redness or irritation when you cleanse it using natural handmade soaps with shea butter because shea butter is an organic ingredient. Most people with dry or sensitive skin are unable to use regular soap because it will cause their skin to have an allergic reaction. Shea butter is very gentle on your skin and will not dry it.

Using natural handmade soaps with shea butter will help your skin look younger. Because your skin is able to absorb all of the moisture from the shea butter, you will look revived. Your pores will be smaller and your skin will glow. Any fine lines will look smoother, resulting in a more youthful appearance. After just a few days of using soap with shea butter in it, you will notice a dramatic difference in the way your skin feels. Shea butter will calm your skin and give your complexion a vibrant tone. Taking care of your skin by using natural handmade soaps with shea butter will help your skin look and feel its best. Read more

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