The Energizing Scent of Lemongrass

Lemongrass is the perfect scent for when you need an energy boost. It has a very clean, crisp aroma, with a distinct citrusy lemon feel with a touch of botanical grasses. It is praised for its stimulating properties and exotic fragrance. The overall effect is purifying, refreshing, and energizing.

Lemongrass has long been used in traditional medicines, aromatherapy, and even cooking. This slender, aromatic grass is native to the tropical areas of Asia and much of the world's supply is grown in India, Guatemala, Africa, and Sri Lanka. Lemongrass scented candles, oils, and soaps are popular the world over, and for good reasons. With its strong rejuvenating properties and uplifting nature, it helps revitalize the body and mind. The clear, sweet, lemony scent blends well with many other essential oils and aromas like chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, and patchouli, just to name a few.

With mood enhancing abilities and an invigorating fragrance, lemongrass makes wonderful soaps and body cleansers. The sparkling, fresh scent helps clear the mind and raise energy levels. With botanical, earthy undertones, lemongrass soaps aren't overly sweet or cloying, just clean and refreshing. Washing with lemongrass can be the perfect way to start the day, its aromatic properties helping to wake up the senses and getting you energized for the rest of the day. So lather up for a bright, natural vitality boost.

Many aromatherapy enthusiasts use lemongrass oils when they need a refreshing pick me-
up. After a long, hard day the crisp, citrusy scent of lemongrass can help you fight fatigue, calm rattled nerves, and invigorate the senses. The sweet fragrance has been known to reduce stress related symptoms, uplift ones mood, and help with mental clarity and concentration. It is great for keeping the winter time blues at bay or for when you just want a bright, energizing aroma. 


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